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Bellaplex (bellicus pellicula)

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Bellaplex™ delivers the wrinkle-removing results you need. It’s fast-acting, safe, and simple to use, making it an excellent alternative to Botox®. Women and men who use Bellaplex report real results within 1 to 3 weeks.

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2 reviews for Bellaplex (bellicus pellicula)

  1. Pamela B

    Your Bellaplex cream is amazing. The very first time I used it I saw a big difference. After one week the fine lines in on my face were almost invisable. I’m looking forward to trying many other products of yours. I have had many injections of botox and I find your face cream does just as good a job erasing fine lines. Thank you and I’m looking forward to sticking with Bellaplex.

  2. Jan T

    I’ve been using the product…I think I love it! My skin texture has improved to the point where I can now use a foundation I used to use. I stopped using it in the past because as my skin changed, the foundation no longer looked good! My husband has even noticed a difference in my skin! There appears to be a substantial reduction in any lines as well! This is all good news since my career is in acting and you know what the expectations and demands are in that field! I just wanted to let you know that it works amazingly well! Thank you.

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